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Operating Structure
Operating Structure...
is the practical, day-by-day means by which an organization  executes its vision. From clear roles and responsibilities, to well-defined decision  making procedures, an effective operating guarantees an aligned and powerful organization  in collaboration, innovation, resource sharing, and positive communication are all  present

How We Do It...

Our Unique Organizational  Diagnostics combine paper surveys and questionnaires administered at  various levels of the organization, with as one-on-one interviews and small group sensing  sessions. These help us gain a clear, accurate and in-depth understanding of the  organization. Where the situation warrants, we extend this process to strategic partners,  suppliers and customers.

Work With the Senior Team.  Alignment,  commitment and buy-in at the top make everything else possible. One of the most effective  ways we have found to achieve this is through multiple day off-sites which blend powerful  and practical strategic planning, vision and organizational development sessions with  advanced experiential team development work. This results in better working relationships,  new competencies, enhanced trust, cooperation, understanding and collaboration, clarified  roles, and alignment with the vision.

Leadership and Team Development Programs allow us to  assist our clients to communicate and implement vision, core values, operating  architecture, strategic priorities and trust-based teaming throughout the organization.  This is where the rubber meets the road. Through a variety of on and off-site programs,  people at all levels are given the opportunity to understand what the new elements are  and, most critically, how to make them work on a daily basis.

This is a most critical step in the process of effective, lasting change. Failure to  provide the work force with sufficient opportunity to understand what changes mean and how  to implement them, to develop achievable action plans, and to receive training in the new  skills results in inefficiency, low productivity, poor quality and service, employee  attrition, and, of course, reduced profitability.

Executive Coaching, Productivity and E-based Training Follow-through is essential. Organizational change  work must include a strong mix of practical experiential training and effective strategic  planning, scenario work, team development programs, and comprehensive on-site follow  through.

Support Services

Among the key ingredients needed to insure lasting change,  our interactive web site and information products are the best. We offer unique on-line  learning, plus information products in the form of workbooks, video and audio taped  programs, and interactive computer programs. We also provide follow-up reports that  monitor progress, evaluate the team's commitment, identify new obstacles, and provide  recommendations for continuous improvement.

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