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Turning Obstacles Into Opportunities

Case Studies

New Leadership In A Leading Financial Service Company
The Scenario: A leading financial services company was  facing a particularly difficult time. After a period of substantial internal turmoil, the  CEO departed unexpectedly, leaving top management divided and confused. The impact was  magnified by the fact that theirs was a highly competitive environment in which the senior  executives tended to operate as independent satellites rather than as a cohesive  management team.

Our Assignment: Clarify the mission, unify the team,  and humanize the work environment. After executing a comprehensive program of action  research, we began our intervention with a multiple day off-site program for the senior  leadership. Experiential team development work was combined with a number of  solution-oriented dialogues and innovative strategic planning sessions.

- A Changing Aerospace Market
- Creating a Single Culture After Merger
- The High Cost of Old Perceptions
- High Tech Change--Whole Systems Thinking

- A High Tech Transition--Start-up to Mature  Phase
- Circulation...Circulation.. .Circulation
- Hollywood Marketing Challenge

The Results: Clarification of roles and responsibilities. A  dramatic increase in trust and a reduction of chronic misunderstanding and misperception.  Substantial improvement of interpersonal relationships, and the practical experience of  collaboration and its direct impact on the bottom-line. These senior executives also  experienced the value of honest dialogue, accepted the new leadership, and assumed  ownership and accountability for implementing the organization's vision.

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