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Make A Commitment To Yourself & Your  Team To Participate Fully.Committment
We know that you are busy and we also know that a lot of your  'busy' comes from all of the crises and demands that show up as part of the Urgent &  Important Cycle. So we suggest you look at this 30 Week Program as work that is important  but not urgent.

Approached with this mind-set, we know that you will discover that for every moment you  spend doing important but not urgent work, you will significantly reduce the amount of  time you spend fighting fires and dealing with the tyranny of the urgent and important.

So make this a priority. If you do, we can guarantee that you will not only upgrade your  own skills, but over the course of the next 30 weeks you will increase your personal  productivity and effectiveness by as much as 10% to 25%. You will also develop stronger  and more supportive relationships with your team members and contribute significantly to  making your organization not only more successful, but a model against which all other  teams and organizations in your company and your industry will be proud to measure  themselves.

Look for Opportunities.Look for opportunities
As you execute this 30 Week Personal Productivity &  Skills Development Program Be alert to the hundreds of opportunities that will come up  each day to practice the topic, to observe someone else working with it, to give feedback  or reminders to another team member regarding your experience and to make suggestions  regarding ways this particular skill or theme can enhance your team's performance and  effectiveness.

Be open to new experiencesBe Open to New Experiences.
During the next 30 weeks you will have terrific opportunities  to see things with new eyes and to experiment with a variety of new and useful strategies.  We encourage you to approach this time as an adventure in learning and as an opportunity  to receive some support in fine tuning and expanding your repertoire of skills. If you do  this you will greatly accelerate and amplify this experience.

Record Your Gains.
You don't have to wait for the end of a project or task to  acknowledge and celebrate your accomplishments. Instead, if you take the time along the  way to acknowledge your gains you end up motivating and encouraging participation and  creating an atmosphere of greater collaboration, support and satisfaction.Record your gains

Keeping a personal journal or 'gains book' while you participate in this 30 week program  will help you to do this. Keep track of your gains, accomplishments, observations and  suggestions on how to expand the theme or implement it more effectively. Use it to capture  recommendations and feedback you may have for your buddy or your support group. Record  acknowledgments you may want to give to others and specific learnings you may want to  share with your team. In short, this journal or 'gains book' will be a valuable record of  your process and an excellent reference source that you can consult from time to time to  help keep the experience and the learning fresh for you.


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