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Time is Money
A Unique On-Site E-Based Personal  Productivity & Skills Development Program

Support Services Those of us who are tasked with supporting our organizations  to become more effective, productive, sustainable and profitable know that it is not an  easy task. The process of introducing new competencies and skills into a culture must  compete with the daily pressures and demands of getting the job done. To compound matters,  getting leadership and line managers to commit the time and money for training  sessions-both on and off-site-can be challenging. Indeed, although Stephen Covey and  others have pointed out that 'sharpening the saw' is  one of the most important things any of us can do, convincing others and ourselves to take  the time to do it can be a frustrating job.

After 20 years  spent working with hundreds of client organizations, thousands of executive teams and over  a hundred thousand individuals, we are very familiar with many of the challenges,  obstacles and resistance to change. We are also familiar with some of the key factors that  contribute to making change effective and sustainable.

As a result, we have designed a program to assist organizations to implement effective, on-site change programs that minimize  the amount of time people spend in training sessions, support training programs currently  in process, and maximize the desired result by introducing new skills and learning rapidly  and effectively into the culture without taking people away from their jobs.

30 Week Personal Productivity &  Skills Development Program has been developed and honed over the course of  the last 10 years through in-depth application in a number of interventions with our  leading corporate, government, association and not-for-profit clients. As a result the  program is practical, relevant, highly effective, easy to implement and extremely cost  effective.

The program is designed to work with individuals, intact work teams as well as whole  companies. Because of its easy to implement features and its broad range of topics, its  also works naturally, complementing other learning and competency programs you may be  currently using.

The 30 Week Personal Productivity & Skills Development Program is made up of
15 primary lessons. Each is  delivered electronically (hard copy programs and audio taped versions are also available)  to the individuals participating in the program.

Test Topics

Each lesson  involves an introduction, a set of easy to follow exercises, some questions and a unique  series of quotes and motivational stories designed to be sent out periodically during each  lesson period to provide encouragement and motivation to the participants. In addition,  the program involves a valuable buddy system and formation of a resource group that  promotes a higher level of success, builds stronger interpersonal relationships and  promotes better teaming.

What makes this program particularly valuable is that beyond the half-hour or so it takes  to read through the lesson the rest of the time is spent applying the tools and concepts  to daily tasks. As a result, line managers can experience positive results for their whole  team without loss of time and at very reasonable costs. In addition to the valuable  leadership and management skills covered in each lesson, this program assists in  establishing a climate in which learning is transparent and collaborative. The program is  also flexible, timely, easy to implement, cost efficient, applicable to both work and  personal lives and highly effective. In fact, this program can assist the average  individual in increasing his or her personal productivity by between 10% and 25%. This is  the equivalent of adding one to three months more productivity per individual per year.

At a time when training costs are rising and the challenges of maintaining a competitive  edge more difficult, our 30-Week Personal Productivity and Skills Development Program is a  valuable tool that you can implement company-wide for a single one year, unlimited use  fee.

For more information on how your company can take advantage of this unique program you can  contact us by phone: 480-837-5756, by e-mail:

Email: The Information & Training Company



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