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The first ascents leadership and team development programOur Leadership and Team Development Programs

This innovative  series of indoor and outdoor adventure-based leadership and team development seminars is designed to  improve individual and team performance in interpersonal communications, effective problem  solving, risk mitigation, delegation, mediation, management and leadership competencies.  Executed at sites close to a client's facility or at some of the most remote and beautiful  locations in the world, these dynamic training experiences assist teams in building  greater trust, dealing with ambiguity, overcoming false assumptions, sharing resources,  developing collaborative work strategies, and practicing trust-based teaming. These  programs allow our clients to accomplish, in days and at much lower cost, what months of  effort and hundreds of thousands of dollars applied in traditional on-site consulting  interventions cannot accomplish.  (See Leadership & Team Development)

Advanced diagnostics and polling strategiesAdvanced Diagnosic & Polling Strategies

In addition to our  one-on-one interviews, small focus groups and paper surveys, we offer a range of advanced  diagnostic and polling strategies. These provide our clients with more in-depth,  scientifically accurate and user-friendly information about their organization, the  marketplace, competition, customers, and future economic and social trends. These methods  not only give clients a clear picture of what is happening, they go much further and offer  a clear set of recommendations regarding what they can do about it. And they do all of  this, and much more, in a timely fashion and at a cost that is generally less than other  research and polling methods.Advanced diagnostic and polling strategies
Application of  these diagnostic and polling strategies has resulted in the successful introduction of new  products and services, alleviation of union/management disputes, creation of winning  political campaigns, increase in circulation and audience of major media companies,  implementation of a national health care and auto insurance programs, design of new  financial services, and the integration of divergent corporate cultures resulting from  mergers, acquisitions, and strategic partnerships.

Individual and Team Coaching

Our  innovative InfoSystems 360 Feedback Process and Management Development Programs provide  clients with the ability to quickly and effectively identify problem areas and assist  individuals and teams in finding practical and powerful solutions to issues of competency  and in critical interpersonal, leadership and management skill sets. As a result,  attrition is greatly reduced as is the enormous cost of finding, hiring and training of  new people.

Creating Effective Organization Creating Effective Organization

Evaluated by many  of our clients as one of our most powerful and effective training programs, this series of  productivity and time management seminars provides individuals and teams with new  management and leadership skills and dramatically improved self-management and  organization competencies. Our own follow-up studies show that application of Creating  Effective Organization increases efficiency, effectiveness and productivity by as much as  25%. Data collected by The American Society For Training and Development shows  organizations can expect as much as a thirty-fold return on investment from this kind of  training.


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