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Custom Consulting Making a Difference

A New Kind of Consulting Company

We are a new breed of consulting and training organization  offering the full range of consulting services and a whole lot more. Our work begins with  our advanced action research and analysis. Then, and only then, do we design and execute organizational change programs. And we go further providing a diverse menu of specifically  tailored support that includes: Strategic Planning, Leadership and Team Development  Programs, Advanced Polling and Research Methodologies, Executive Coaching, Diversity and  Gender Training, Productivity and Time Management Programs, Stress & Wellness  Seminars, an interactive web site and a comprehensive library of specifically tailored  audio tapes, videos, interactive CDs and workbooks which support the integration of new  competencies.

As a result of your program ...

"As a result of  your program, people are working just as hard but now there is trust, mutual support,  openness and sensitivity. It's a different place."

Jeanne Scott,
Director of Corporate Training
Taco Bell

Interpreting a  Client's Individuality

Our commitment is to assist our clients in aligning all  parts of their organization. To accomplish this we tailor each program to their specific  needs. We also pride ourselves on our consulting model. We complement our small but  uniquely talented staff of highly trained professionals with strategic partners who  represent some of the most talented people in the organizational change field. This model  allows us to serve our clients with diversified teams that can deliver innovative,  impactful solutions in a very cost-effective manner.

A Collaborative  Partnership

We choose to work with clients who offer products and  services we respect and who are committed to making change happen. Life is too short and  the challenges too great to do anything else. So we establish collaborative partnerships  with clients who understand the desired outcome and recognize that each partner in the  collaboration has a clear set of responsibilities.

Strong Values  & Specific Skills

We believe our responsibility is to gain a sufficient  understanding of our client's objectives and then to design and implement practical,  affordable and effective programs that assist them to meet their objectives. We also  believe that we are responsible for our recommendations which is why our services include  on-site support, training and follow-through.

A third responsibility involves our knowing that the arts of leadership, team development,  effective communication and management are not easy to learn. They are, however, based on  definable skills that, when learned and practiced, lead to greater efficiency,  profitability and success.

Commitment &  Time

Our clients are responsible for four critical ingredients  ... the time, attention, energy and resources needed to ensure the program's success. It's  a clear responsibility and yet, when neglected, can undermine an organization's objectives  and jeopardize its investment. Therefore, our clients understand that there are no quick  fix solutions or magic bullets. Effective change takes time, patience and persistence.

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