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Providing Guidance in times of change:

Undergoing major cultural change

Desire to improve customer satisfaction

Acquisitions and Restructurings


Confusion about vision

Lack of alignment on direction or how to get there

Absence of trust, understanding and

Challenges aligning information systems needs with business practices

Aversion to risk and
resistance to change

Difficulties in creating a common culture after
mergers,or between strategic partnership

Conflict between customers and contractors and organizations and their suppliers

Lack of
communication between governing bodies and their constituencies

Lack of organization wide ownership and participation in
change efforts

Attachment to
"not invented here" strategies

Turmoil in
start-up environment

Confusion during
transition from entrepreneurial to mature structures

Low productivity and

Cumbersome and outmoded production and manufacturing systems

Lack of personal management and
productivity skills

or diversity conflict

Lack of clarity regarding new market penetration or introduction of
new products and services.

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