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Dynamic, Engaging & Relevant Talks & Programs For Business, Group & Associations Audiences

Other Talks & Programs By Category By
George & Sedena Cappannelli ( Individual & Joint Presentations)

(Available in keynote, half, full & multiple day formats.)

General & Business Audiences

• Say Yes To Change
• Weathering The Winds of Change
• The Art & Science of Life Strategy
• The Power To Change
• Turning Challenges Into Opportunities
• Energy For Success
• Communicating With Integrity
• Crisis of Confidence/Crisis of Values

Women’s Topics

• The Real Path To Equality – Keys To Female Leadership In The 21st Century.
• Beyond Women’s Rights

• So What Are You Going To Do With The Rest Of Your Life?
• Beyond Life’s Three Greatest Illusions – Security, Safety & Control
• The Real Fountain of Youth
• Keys To Making The Next Years The Best Years

Health, Wellness

• Life Yoga – The Art of Stretching Your Consciousness & Keeping Your Spirit Limber.
• Exercising Your Spirit As Well As Your Body & Mind

Travel, Adventure

• The Inner Game of Travel – Re-discovering The Real Spirit of The Journey
• Your Pathway To Life’s Greatest Destinations

Men’s Topics

• Crisis of Confidence/Crisis of Values
• It’s Time Brother, Time For A Change.

Annotated Synopsis of Other Key Topics

General Audience & Business

Say Yes To Change – Change, you bet. A lot of it! Each day we are being asked to juggle the increasingly complex demands of our jobs, with the needs of our families, the demands of our communities and the desires that issue from the depths of our own hearts. Too often, this juggling act feels like it is being performed on a tight rope high above the ground. Here in this turbulent atmosphere we must contend with the cross currents of unprecedented technological development, rapidly shifting social and political structures, new roles and rules and, of course, the many other challenges and opportunities that life brings to us each day. In these talks and programs, George & Sedena Cappannelli use their 25 Keys To Making Change Work For You to assist audiences in dealing with these challenges and opportunities of life in these times.

Weathering The Winds of Change – In this very insightful and relevant series of talks and programs by George Cappannelli, audiences learn how to find alignment and right action in a very complex world. Utilizing 9 Essential Keys, George provides some unique perspectives and some very practical solutions audiences can apply to the new rules and the new roles that life presents – at work, at home and in the world around us. George also looks at Eight Things Individuals and Organizations Can Do To Ensure Success. Whether the audience is comprised of representatives from multi-national organizations or start-ups, members of national associations, government organizations, clubs or professional groups, these talks and programs provide valuable, relevant and measurable tools.

The Art & Science Of Life Strategy - For many of us, life is series of disconnected events, experiences, challenges and opportunities. In fact, as odd as it may seem, most of us do not have a plan nor do we begin things in the beginning. Instead we jump off or in wherever we find ourselves. And who can blame us. We live in such a fast-paced, complex world. So much to do. So many demands. So little time. No wonder most of do not take the time to articulate a vision, identify our goals or create a plan of action that prepares us to meet our challenges and capitalize on our opportunities. In this powerful and practical talk, George & Sedena Cappannelli provide audiences with in depth information and experience on how to apply the art and science of strategy to their lives.

Energy For Success – Sedena Cappannelli is known as an inspiring and empowering speaker and program facilitator. In this series of talks and programs, she focuses specifically on the energy system of the whole person and assists audiences in learning how to open to greater levels of personal freedom and spiritual fulfillment through attention to the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual aspects of life. By incorporating her Life Skills For Self-Enhancement and Empowerment, she assists audiences to align their energy, identify their life purpose and gain greater efficacy and balance.

The Power To Change – Too often we tend to define the things we enjoy and want to do as ‘life’ and the things we don’t as ‘change’. As a result we accept life and tend to resist change. In reality, of course, life is a continuum made up of both the things we enjoy and the things we do not. In these very powerful and motivational talks and programs by George & Sedena Cappannelli, audiences learn how to accept the inevitability of change. Through motivational quotes, stories and some very engaging interactive exercises, audiences learn to treat change as an ally rather than an adversary.

Turning Challenges Into Opportunities – In a world as complex as this, it is all too easy to allow the many obstacles and challenges that arise every day to limit and ultimately drain us of the energy and passion we have for our lives. In this motivational series of talks and programs by Sedena Cappannelli, she guides audience through a very easy to follow and yet powerful series of steps for turning these challenges into opportunities. Talks and programs on this same theme are also presented jointly by George & Sedena Cappannelli. These joint talks focus on some of the lessons learned and the keys to change for organizations.

Communicating With Integrity – In this series of talks and programs, George & Sedena Cappannelli explore the most essential and fundamental of all human skills – communication. Through powerful motivational stories and experiences drawn from their work in both the public and private sectors, they assist audiences to remember that communication is a lot more than the exchange of words and information. What is not said, the tone of voice, the physical gestures, the emotional state of both the speaker and the listener; all this and more ultimately determines the quality of our communication. Indeed, in a world in which so much communication is delivered electronically, our ability to communicate effectively and with integrity becomes essential.

Women’s Topics

The Real Path To Equality – Keys To Female Leadership In The 21st Century. Time to stop following the worn pathways, adapting to current conditions and trying to fit in. Time to stop trying to fight the system and complaining about the glass ceiling and the things men do to keep women down. Time to stop mimicking men in dress, manners and values and time to start focusing on what is unique, distinct and valuable that women bring to the table. In this series of talks and programs Sedena Cappannelli identifies 7 Primary Keys that can help women in business minimize their obstacles, maximize their opportunities and make a real contribution to a world so desperately in need to their unique and invaluable contributions.

Beyond Woman’s Rights - For more than forty years women have been actively struggling to gain equal rights and while it is abundantly clear that they have made enormous progress in some sectors, the fact remains that they still have a long way to go. In this very provocative and thought provoking series of talks and programs George and Sedena Cappannelli, co-authors of Say Yes To Life, put forward the premise that in order for women to make their next major gains they have to redirect their attention from the outside to the inside, from their search for equality to a new and grander search for wholeness and re-entry into the powerful depths of their femininity and its efficacy. Utilizing 7 Essential Keys To Change, the Cappannelli’s explore this inner quest and demonstrate how the real adventure is “not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

Seniors – Wellness

So What Are You Going To Do With The Rest Of Your Life?

You have done your job. Raised your family. Set aside funds for your retirement. Yes, a lot of life’s daily requirements and responsibilities are now behind you. But what’s ahead of you. Travel? Time to do some of the things you could not get to when all the other pushes and pulls of the world called. These, indeed, are some of the perks of retirement. But what are you really going to do with all of these hours and days in the rest of your life? How will you find new adventures, make new discoveries and keep your passion for the next stage of your life high? In this compelling and provocative series of talks and programs, George & Sedena Cappannelli pose some very challenging questions and offer seniors some thought provoking and life changing strategies for the rest of their lives.

Learning To Live Without Life’s Three Great Illusions – Security, Safety and Control - Helen Keller once said that “security is mostly superstition. It does not occur in nature, nor do the children of men, as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is not safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”
In these talks and programs George & Sedena Cappannelli take a hard look at the illusions of security, safety and control that limit our lives and provide us with seven powerful keys to making the next stage of life a “daring adventure”.

The Real Fountain Of Youth - In this provocative article by George & Sedena Cappannelli look beyond the obvious to 7 Essential Keys that will help seniors and people of all ages stay younger, healthier and happier. No magic formula, not super pill or wonder cure, the real fountain of youth lies a lot closer than most of us think and is available, free of charge, to everyone.

Keys To Making The Next Years The Best Years - Most people have spent the first half or more of their lives taking care of business, raising a family, and doing all the things that life seems to require of us, so George & Sedena Cappannelli believe that it’s time to make the next years of our lives the best years of your life. Utilizing a number of primary keys from the book, Say Yes To Change, George and Sedena explore ways those who wants to renew their passion for life, refine or redefine their goals and turn the predictable and the ordinary into their next great and wonderful adventure can do so.

Health, Wellness

Life Yoga – The Art of Stretching Your Consciousness & Keeping Your Spirit Limber. - In this engaging series of talks and programs, George & Sedena Cappannelli, identify eight primary keys that will stretch your consciousness and keep your spirit limber. These keys include: Say Yes To Change, Eliminate Limiting Beliefs, Pay Attention to Self talk, Find Balance, Celebrate Spontaneity, Honor Wants, Celebrate Silence, Become an Instrument of Grace, and Worship the Divine. These thought provoking programs provides audiences with a new kind of life yoga that is the pathway to greater physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health with complimentary strategies.

Exercising Your Spirit As Well As Your Body & Your Mind - For those who recognize the importance of exercise in keeping physically, emotionally and intellectually fit, George and Sedena Cappannelli, co-authors of Say Yes To Change, offer some valuable, practical and complimentary strategies. Learning to exercise your spirit; to gain greater access to your imagination, intuition, insight and creativity; to renew your passion for the things you have come here to accomplish; these and more are among their powerful and relevant keys to a more balanced life. How does one learn how to exercise their spirit as well as their body and mind? This talk will provide practical, easy to apply recommendations and insights on a set of valuable keys to help unlock these doors.

Travel & Adventure

The Inner Game of Travel – How To Re-discover The Real Spirit Of Your Journey In a world as challenging and complicated as ours having an airline that you can rely on and that understands your needs, accommodations that align with your budget and meet your standards and informed travel assistance is not just valuable, it’s essential. At the same time, even with these very necessary elements in place, having the kind of experience you want while you are traveling depends not only on these externals, but on what George & Sedena Cappannelli call the Inner Game of Travel. In this series of talks and programs George & Sedena Cappannelli, explore Six Essential things travelers can do to making travel (and life) more than a process of getting from one destination to another.

Your Pathway To Life’s Greatest Destinations – How to take a great inner journey while you are traveling the world - When most of us plan a trip we pay a lot of attention to what airline and car rental company we will use, where we are going to stay, what clothes to bring and how much money we will need. Most of us do not, however, spend as much time thinking about what we can to do to ensure that the quality of our experience will be what we want. In short, we focus on the externals and not the internals. On the destination and rather than the journey itself. What if, in fact, by doing some relatively simple and easy to do things, we could make our travel experience not only remarkable and memorable, but personally satisfying, renewing and, above all, a learning experience? In these talks by George & Sedena Cappannelli audiences learn some powerful keys that will insure a great inner as well as a outer journey.

Men’s Topics

Crisis of Confidence - Crisis of Values. Everywhere we turn these days someone is talking – and rather heatedly we might add - about the crisis in confidence in American Business. The Dow and the Nasdaq are down precedented levels, nudged and in some cases pushed and pummeled by one accounting and leadership scandal after another. And yes, The President, Congress and some factions in the business community are waving their arms and moving their lips about change, but let’s face it most of it is the same old tired rhetoric about the same old ineffective reactive solutions. In this dynamic, honest and thought-provoking series of talks and programs, George Cappannelli, invites audiences to explore the fact that is not a crisis of confidence brought on by a few errant corporate executives, but a crisis of values. He also invites his audiences to take a bold look at how we got to this serious crossroads and what we can do about it.

It’s Time, Brother. Time For A Change!
In this very engaging and dynamic series of talks and presentation, George Cappannelli invites his male audiences to ask themselves what they have to say for ourselves. That we are men is not, by itself, enough, he suggests, to justify the mess we’ve made of things. Nor is that old tired phrase about the economy or our need to make a profit. No, in the name of profit we have been screwing things up for a long time. So he encourages men - Republican Men, Democratic Men, Free Thinkers, States Rights Guys, Independents, corporate guys, self-reliant guys, entrepreneurs and salt of the earth average guys to take a refreshingly frank and honest look at some new strategies, new tools and new perspectives that can help men make life in the future more sane, sustainable and in harmony with the primary and natural forces of life.

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