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Dynamic, Engaging & Relevant Talks & Programs For Business, Group & Associations Audiences

George Cappannelli, one of the countries leading corporate consultants and executive and personal coaches, and co-author of Say Yes To Change (Walking Stick Press 2002), present talks and programs that are timely, informative, motivational & relevant to needs of today’s business, association and general public audiences.

Programs. These talks range from keynotes to half, full and multiple day sessions. George Cappannelli also creates panels that combine his engaging opening talks with informed participation by leading experts, interactive dialogues and question and answer sessions. You will find his programs and those that he presents with his wife and partner, Sedena Cappannelli, divided into Business, General Audience, Business, Women’s, Men’s, Seniors, Health & Wellness, & Travel & Adventure Topics.

Unique Formats. These programs offer a unique blend of information and experience. As a result, audiences are not only well-informed and motivated, they leave with very practical tools they can put to work immediately in their professional and personal lives.

New Books. Say Yes To Change (Walking Stick Press, 2002) and It’s About Time (Onlife Publishing, 2001).

Educational Products. All of these talks and programs are supported by a number of excellent educational products - books, audio tapes, workbooks, e-based training tools, calendars, logo products and other unique and helpful follow-up support materials.

Ongoing Consulting & Training Support. George Cappannelli offers in depth consulting and training services. His experience over the last twenty five years with a number of the leading Fortune 500 Companies, government agencies, national associations and non-profits, and the executives who lead them underlie their excellent consulting and training skills –state-of-the-art research and analysis, strategic planning, organizational and cultural change programs, executive and team coaching and more. In addition to their consulting, their training programs also cover a wide range of topics including: leadership, team development, productivity and self management- communication emotional intelligence, diversity, creativity, stress reduction, and more. They have worked with world leaders such as The Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu, Lech Wallesa, Golda Meir, and Mother Teresa. He has served as consultants in both Presidential and US Senate Campaigns. And he has worked with over 100,000 people who have attended their public seminars. (For more information you can visit www.InformationandTraining.Com, and www.SayYesToChange.Com.

Specific Talks & Programs
For Business, Group & Association Audiences

Say Yes To Change – Keys To Improved Performance

This series of engaging and dynamic talks is based on his book of the same name. It distills 25 years of experience in some of the leading organizations in both the private and public sectors into power, relevant and very timely advice on how to deal with the complex and rapidly changing environments facing organizations today.

As in all of his talks, George presents an inside look at some of the leading organizations and the people who lead them. His trend information is always at the leading edge and his attachment to truth brings his audiences to the edges and often out of their seats.

Authenticity – The Power To Transform A Business and A Life

In his new book, George brings the message to where it belongs, to the level of values, meaning and purpose. In this series of bold, empowering talks, he looks at some of the fundamental strategies that are needed to assist today’s businesses and the people who make them successful to focus on what is essential – a clear, passionate vision, the delivery of real quality in service and products and the commitment to the daily practice of a set of core values that ensure sustainability in the marketplace.

His engaging and unique style, his insights hard won over the course of twenty five year in the business and individual change arena, ensure that his listeners go away motivated and informed, inspired and in possession of specific and valuable tools they can put to work immediately.

By The Numbers – Management Strategies That Don’t Add Up

Obsessive, compulsive and excessive – these three words pretty much describe what has become our all-consuming addiction of leading by, for and from the numbers. It may be true that it is a jungle out there. It is also be true that The Street cuts those who falter very little slack and that in this economic climate lenders are even more intolerant of missteps than usual. In fact, the slightest hint of a decline in quarterly earnings or a whisper about a downward dip in any of the other half dozen indicators the money boys use to evaluate market strength and you could be history. But no matter what the challenges are, George & Sedena Cappannelli, co-authors of Say Yes To Change, believe that our obsessive focus on the numbers isn’t getting the job done.

Numbers may give us some very valuable short-term feedback, but they are not, according to George Cappannelli, the Holy Grail. Instead there are other factors they believe we need to start paying a whole lot more attention to if we are ever going to make the bottom line come out right.

What are some of these factors: Alignment on vision and direction, trust between leadership and employees, effective communication between all stakeholders within and outside of the organization, receptivity to new technologies and new methodologies, appropriate acknowledgement and celebration, attention to balance, effective teaming, investment in skill development and training, appropriate delegation, and above all else, a real and dedicated focus on providing customers with unique value at appropriate cost.

How can companies avoid “leading by the numbers”? These talks provide George Cappannelli with the opportunity to present relevant, practical information about how companies can shift their focus and regain their balance.

30 Signs Your Business Could Be In Trouble & What You Can Do About It!

Keeping your business on track – no matter how tough the competition or fickle the marketplace – is not rocket science. Sure it’s a tough economic climate out there, but the truth is we make it a whole lot tougher than it needs to be by looking for short cuts, slights of hand and magic bullets to save us. We make it a whole lot tougher by listening to the predictors of the latest trends who would have us changing directions as often as a dog does when chasing his tail.

In these talks George Cappannelli, co-author of Say Yes To Change, identify 30 critical factors that keep a business on track, how to identify them and what you can do to improve them.

Here are some of these factors:

Confusion about vision and purpose
Lack of alignment on direction
Absence of trust between leadership and staff
Aversion to risk within the culture
Lack of effective communication between stakeholders
Attachment to the “not-invented-here” syndrome.
Resistance to new technology.
Low productivity and inefficiency in product or service delivery
Low customer satisfaction
High employee attrition
Lack of clear roles and responsibilities
Lack of teaming
Failure to reward courageous failure
Lack of appropriate and frequent acknowledgement and celebration.

How to deal with these and other factors is the ground covered in these talks and programs. George Cappannelli also utilizes results from his innovative Organizational Change IQ Test to support a number of his primary points.

Upside Down, Backwards & Inside Out - The Forgotten Art Of Doing Business

George Cappannelli, co-author of Say Yes To Change and one of the countries leading executive and personal coaches, believe that far too many of us in the business community today have things upside down, inside out, and backwards! Yes, even though a large number of us in almost ever sector of the economy are struggling against what seems like an endless tide of increasing competition, dwindling profits and declining customer interest, George Cappannelli believes that these are signs of the challenge and not its cause. In fact, he believes that if we were not facing in the wrong direction and doing many of the things for the wrong reasons, we would not be in anywhere near the trouble we are in.

The first and most fundamental of these wrong reasons is that contrary to popular thinking the reason a company exists is not to just to make money, serve the interests of the board of directors or pay four or five people at the top of huge salaries and special bonuses whether they perform well or not. Companies exist to serve real need and provide real resources to a specific constituency.

The second wrong reason is that profitability while an essential ingredient in any company’s plan for survival is – or at least should be – a byproduct or reward for having a genuine purpose and satisfying a real customer demand with an effective product or service.

The third wrong reason is that spending time looking for some ingenious rationale for raising prices or for charging additional for services that are already included in the core product or service may seem like smart business, but in reality it is a dumb game played by short sighted people. In the end, it has nothing to do with improving the core business which involves continuous improvements of products, services, availability and cost.

Finally, we have to turn things Inside Out. Looking out there for our answers and trying to read the market’s tea leaves isn’t going to give us what we need to be successful. Instead we need to start paying attention to crafting our visions, living our values, practicing our norms and standards of behavior, developing new policies and systems, clarifying roles and responsibilities, and, most especially, supporting our people. Building trust, encouraging risk and rewarding innovation are what will get the job done, not bean counting and cost cutting.

These are some of the things George looks at in these talks.

Truth Time For American Business - Getting Back To Basics

Although the actions of some in the business community would lead us to believe that business is a shell game, it is not. The purpose of business is not to manipulate the public into believing that a particular product or service has value or fills a need whether it does or not. Nor is its purpose to figure out the next rationale we can use to justify an increase in prices or to charge customers for services that are already included in the price of the produce. No, the business of business is to be smart, innovative and competent enough to actually deliver value to its customers. The business of business is to find out what people really need and to deliver it – at a fair price, at good quality and in a reasonable amount of time.

So it’s time to stop looking for a magic formula. Time to stop waiting for the mystical shift that will signal a return to more prosperous times. In short, it is time to realize that our fortunes lie not in the stars or some illusive market sign, as the old bard once said, but in the hearts, minds and values of those who lead our companies and those of us who execute their policies, make their products or deliver their services.

In these talks by George Cappannelli co-author of Say Yes To Change, we are reminded that it’s time to get back to basics. Time to remember why we are in business, who we serve, how we serve them, what is unique and valuable about the products or services we provide, what we can do to improve them.

Weathering The Winds of Change

These are challenging times. A lot of conflicting signals. None of the traditional indexes easily readable or valid. The truth is, no one knows exactly what is going on in this very ambiguous and troubling time for business.

In this thought provoking and no nonsense series of talks and articles, George Cappannelli, co-author of Say Yes To Change and one of the countries leading executive and personal coaches, look at some of the challenges facing American business today and especially look at what they call, the need for "right action."

They also identify 9 Fundamental Things businesses need to do today to minimize their obstacles and maximize their opportunities, 7 Keys to Business Success and some other obvious things that most of us know and few of us are practicing in these complex times.

The 9 Fundamentals:

- Deal With What Is, Not With What Was
- Allow Time To Heal
- Align Vision & Values
- Re-Size With Consciousness
- Take Advantage of Scenario Planning
- Utilize Right As Well As Left Brain Skills
- Invest In Continuous Improvement & Learning
- Focus On Excellence
- Balance Professional & Personal Lives

The Seven Keys

- Begin In The Beginning
- Say Yes To Change
- Eliminate Personal History
- Eliminate Limiting Beliefs
- Worship Spontaneity
- Violate The Appropriate
- Celebrate Excellence

Celebrating Of The Obvious

The beginning of wisdom, the Chinese say, is a firm grip on the obvious. If that is the case, why are so many of us in so many sectors of the business community searching so desperately for answers to our challenges? In these talks and articles George Cappannelli, co-author of Say Yes To Change and one of the countries leading executive and personal coaches, takes a look at the “seven essential elements” every strong business structure needs and other obvious, practical, and most often overlooked answers to our most pressing business challenges.

What are the “seven essential elements”? Vision, Mission, Core Values, Strategic Goals, Policy & Procedures, Roles & Responsibilities and Standards of Behavior.

What are some of the other, obvious and most often overlooked keys to a successful business? Commitment to Excellence, Teaming, Effective Communication, Customer Focus, People First Management, etc. are among some of the things George explores in this piece.

Absentee Owners – The Real Factor Behind The Decline of American Business.

The crisis of confidence in American Business didn’t begin with Enron or Arthur Anderson. And we can’t blame Ivan Bosky, Michael Milken, Al Dunlap or Kenneth Lay for ruining the reputation of corporate leaders. In fact, no matter how far or hard we search, we are not going to find a “them” out there to pin the tail on. Instead, the real responsibility for this troubled ground we stand on does not lie with a “them”, but rather with an “us”.

In these thought provoking and controversial talks and articles, George Cappannelli, co-author of Say Yes To Change and one of the countries top corporate and personal coaches, discusses how the fickle-finger of blame points directly and irrefutably at each and every one of us who own stock in someone else’s company and whose interests lie more in short term personal gain than in encouraging sound business practices. Those of us who are absentee owners, George Cappannelli suggests, are primarily responsible for the decline in ethics and the shifty & shoddy business practices that marks this time in our history. It is the absentee owners who are to blame for encouraging practices and requiring behaviors in other companies that we would not want or tolerate in our own. No wonder we have a crisis of confidence in American Business. Absentee owners have turned American Business into the biggest shell game in history.

George talks about 9 Fundamental Steps businesses can take, 7 Essential Keys To Success and a few other important things to think about.

The Missing Link

In A World Full Of Sophisticated Business Strategies, It Is Still All About People!

There are a lot of very reasonable and very effective business theories and management models out there. Tons of information, libraries full of case studies and more trend data than any of us could digest in a lifetime. So how come with all of this at our disposal, so many of us in business today still feel like we are paddling upstream against a strong current? George Cappannelli, co-author of Say Yes To Change and one of the countries leading executive and personal coaches, believes it’s because we are paying too much attention to theories and not enough to common sense. They also believe that no matter what the obstacle or opportunity facing your business, it is not the latest management or IT strategy that’s going to get you home, its people.

In these talks and articles George details Six Primary Keys to help individuals and organizations do their job.

Begin In The Beginning
Say Yes To Change
Eliminate Personal History
Start Connecting, Understanding & Accepting
Eliminate Limiting Beliefs
Celebrate Excellence.



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