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Mastering the Inner Game
An Advanced Program for Executives Who Want to Lead and Manage Better

Program Content

Mastering the Inner Game
provides you with a unique look at the critical factors and dynamics within your  organization, and in your won belief systems that limit your success. It also identifies  the factors that lead to a new level of effectiveness, satisfaction and achievement.

Mastering the Inner Game combines leading theories of  change with hands-on, enjoyable practice sessions. It includes a guest panel of experts  who will present some eye-opening perspectives from the 'client side' and then stay around  for a dynamic, interactive dialogue session. In addition, while Mastering  the Inner Game is a complete program, it provides a system of ongoing support,  consultation, coaching and advanced work for those who desire it.

A Few of the Important Topics  We Will Look At:

  • Assets and Liabilities of the Job
  • Fundamental Belief Systems That Limit Effectiveness
  • The Political Game - Influencing Change
  • Keys to Success
  • The Alignment Formula
  • Automatic Prices & Rewards
  • Primary Assumptions Leading to Change
  • The Five Elements of Organizational & Individual Change
  • Personal Vision - the Renewal Factor
  • Theory and Practice - the Art of Experiential Education
  • Championing the Heart & Soul of the Company
  • Basic Survival Skills for Long Term Success

Program Faculty

George Cappannelli
President of ITC. His 20 years of expertise in the field of organizational and individual  change work combined with his innovative work in the field of experiential training make  him a sought-after consultant, trainer and coach. His clients include a number of Fortune  500 companies and government agencies, as well as thousands of executive teams and over  100,000 senior executives.

Heidi Rosner, Vice President of ITC. In addition to  her strong facilitation credentials, her background includes 12 years of practical  management and program experience at TRW where she contributed substantially to the  success of some of the most celebrated NASA Satellite Programs of the last decade.

George Martin-Mauser, Gail Martin-Mauser, Adventure  Based Learning Models, are leading innovators in the field of experiential training for  organization development. Gail is also noted for her work on diversity and gender and is a  founding member of the Association for Experiential Education. George is also highly  regarded for his design and construction of outdoor challenges courses both in the U.S.  and in Europe.

Dr. Arthur Gillman, Advanced Research Tools,  President, Delphi Consultative Services, Inc.
Dr. Robert Clark, Director of Organization  Development, Hughes
Michael Thiel, Training Director, TRW
Marybeth Fidler, Learning Communities
Ron Symmes, Executive Vice President, Hughes Space  & Communication

"I  know you are well supplied with accolades for your work, so I won't belabor it, but  suffice it to say you are masters at your craft."

Cor Westerhoff
Deputy Director
Government Programs
Space Systems Loral

"I cannot stress strongly enough the  importance of including this kind of learning experience in every company's overall  portfolio of management education."

Donna Conlin
IMEP Manager
Digital Equipment Corp.

"The value of this program to me was  understanding that human relationships, performance and dynamics are the most important  ingredients of the organization."

Brewster Shaw, Deputy  Program Director, Boeing Space Station Program, Former Shuttle Astronaut

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