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Mastering the Inner Game

Essential Leadership Strategies for Managing the
Heart, Soul & Conscience of Today's Complex Organizations

An Advanced Program
for Human Resource and
Organizational Development

This Program Provides:

  • Balance  between practice and theory
  • High-caliber instruction from a very talented staff
  • A panel of experts on the client's perspective
  • A comprehensive, practical & ongoing support program
  • Advanced programs leading to certification
  • Special In-Depth Industry Intelligence Report

This program is integral to our  effort and will help us meet our current and future workload by creating a new operating  state that improves trust and teamwork and propels our HSC vision into full  operation."

Donald Cromer
Hughes Space and Communications

A Much Needed Program Curriculum for Executives

Executives face the challenge of  providing support to a very diverse workforce and a significantly challenged leadership during a time of unprecedented change and heightened global competition. To compound  matters, we are often asked to do this with limited funding, not enough qualified people,  and what often amounts to tolerance rather than engagement by the individuals in our  companies who are our clients.

In short, as HR and OD Professionals, we serve not only as guidance counselors, policy  police and personnel caretakers, we must monitor the heart, sound and sometimes, the  conscience of our organizations. And we do this without the authority to make line  decisions. Instead, we do our jobs indirectly, offering support and encouragement,  introducing new competencies and beliefs and exercising political influence.

Clearly this is not an easy task. Nor is it one that our academic and professional  training prepares us for adequately. One does not find courses on
'Demanding What You Need' or 'Managing  the Heart & Soul of Your Company' on the curricula of most universities.  Words like 'conscience', 'integrity'  and 'love' do not often show up in course materials.  Nor do we hear much about the need for those of us who support others to renew, re-balance  and support ourselves.

A Program That Addresses These  Essential Competencies

While we recognize that doing this challenging job requires  constant upgrading of current skills, exposure to new training modalities, and the ability  to manage change, we also recognize that serving needs of today's complex companies requires something more. We call this  something 'Mastering the Inner Game'.

What is this 'Inner Game'? 20 years of experience with  thousands of HR and OD professionals from some of the world's leading organizations has  shown us that success depends on soft skills as well as other professional competencies,  on our ability to keep our hearts engage, stay in balance, redefine personal visions and  core values, and stay in touch with the emotional pulse of our organizations. It is also  essential for us to begin the process or re-educating our organizations and redefining our  roles and responsibilities.

In short, to borrow a term from Stephen Covey, we must find a way to
"sharpen the saw" while dealing with the enormous daily  challenges of helping today's companies remain stable, profitable and humane.

What Makes This Program  Different
This innovative program of has been  designed to help you do precisely that. A highly gifted training staff with in-depth  experience on key topics, practical management experience, and expertise in the latest  training and coaching models will provide you with a genuine and valuable opportunity to  work on your inner game. You will also have a chance to review and redefine the reason you  do this work, re-ignite your passion, regain your balance, learn techniques that keep you  in balance, form new support networks, receive valuable feedback and coaching, and share  your wisdom and learn with others. In short, this is an opportunity to experience, engage  and enjoy.


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