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Follow  Through

Follow-through is essential. Organizational change  work must include a strong mix of practical experiential training and effective strategic  planning, scenario work, team development programs, and comprehensive on-site follow  through.

In fact, on-site follow through is essential to the success of every change program. As is  a close, collaborative relationship between the in-house HR and OD champions and the  outside consulting team. Only through seamless, focused, persistent and thoughtful effort  on the part of both of these elements is sustainable change possible.

Support Services

Among the key ingredients needed to insure lasting change, our interactive web site and  information products are the best. We offer unique on-line learning, plus information  products in the form of workbooks, video and audio taped programs, and interactive  computer programs. We also provide follow-up reports that monitor progress, evaluate the  team's commitment, identify new obstacles, and provide recommendations for continuous  improvement.

Email: The Information & Training Company

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