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"You have made an enormously valuable contribution to  Lifespring graduates around the country. Your commitment and dedication to furnishing a  high quality experience for people in our Leadership program is to be acknowledged."

~John Hanley, Founder

"We are experiencing a period of major growth that  brings with it some tremendous opportunities and very substantial challenges. To help us  prepare, I have authorized a strategic planning and team development process. I encourage  you to familiarize yourself with it because, before we are through, we will all be touched  by it. this process is already underway and has produced some very encouraging, specific,  practical and promising improvements. This effort will help us meet our current and future  workload by creating a new operating state that improves trust  and teamwork and propels our HSC vision into full operation."

~Don Cromer, President
Hughes Space and Communications

"This Strategic Planning and Team Development Program  created an environment in which leaders of organizations (including prime contractor,  strategic partners and government customers) that had little prior history of working  together could quickly gain trust and understanding of each other. The processes and  facilitation provided by your team resulted in major  breakthroughs and led to a winning team effort".

~Gary Johnson, IPD Implementation Manager

"... I had very high expectations of this particular  team development and strategic planning work but was still surprised at the extent of the  results ... the dialogue between collaborating contractors has definitely picked up and we  are looking to continue the trend. I know you are generally well supplied with praise and  accolades for the work you do so I won't belabor it further but, suffice to say that you are a master of your craft."

~Cor Westerhoff, Deputy Government Programs
Space Systems Loral

"Your work helped us to bind  together a diverse group of high achiever professionals, from nine different  corporate organizations, into a cohesive team. Your coaching of methods, your innovative  'out of the box' thinking and the way you assisted us to creat mutual trust and  'badgeless' teamwork not only will allow us to achieve our goals, but they inspired the  team. This is exactly what was needed."

~John McElrath, Deputy Business Unit Leader
Government Programs

"I would like  to express my appreciation for your work. The experience was one  that we will never forget and I thank you for creating such a great  program."

~Edmond Haronian
New York Life Insurance Company

"I have looked into other methods of stress  management, but have not discovered anything else so simple,  powerful and rapidly effective. It is very exciting to observe changes  occurring quite quickly. The most appealing features of the method for me are that there  is no belief system imposed, and that people can use it completely on their own with great  success."

~Dr. Louis Ormont, Professor of Psychology
Adelphi University

"The value of this program to me was the  understanding that human relationships, performance and dynamics  are the most important ingredients of the organization. They consume the most  time and resources and provide the greatest potential for success. Dealing with them  effectively and positively provide maximum payback. Your team did a professional,  pleasant, successful job in leading us through this intervention. I will recommend you to  others and use you again myself.".

~Brewster Shaw, Director of Space Station  Programs
and former Shuttle Astronaut
Boeing North America

"Our government customer acknowledged that there was  initial concern in Washington that this form of combined training would weaken the  customer's arms-length relationship with us as a prime contractor. By  the end of the session, he said that he should have brought more people."

~Steve Archer, Program Manager
UHF Satellite Program

"There was a remakable turnaround coming out of this  strategic planning and team development work. By the end of the day, you've learned a lot  of things that you can apply--but because you've used them real-time, you've also learned from failure."

~Ron Symmes, Vice President, Operations
Hughes Space and  Communications

"My vision was to  do something with multi-language groups of executives that was not language dependent. My  hypothesis was that this work could be a universal experience and in fact, this  intervention succeeded. Middle-aged female executives from Singapore and  adventure-oriented male executives from Australia, more conservative executives from  Europe, and their action-oriented American counterparts found  great benefit. I cannot stress strongly enough the importance of including this  kind of learning experience in every company's overall portfolio of management  education."

~Donna Conlin, IMEP Manager
Digital Equipment Corporation

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