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What Clients Say About Our Work

While we recognize that nothing can ever replace your direct experience of our  services as the best way to determining our value to your organization, we hope that the  experiences reported by our clients on these pages will assist  you in getting to know us better.

"As a Director of Human Resorces for the  International Division, I have used a wide range of consulting and training services but  none have been impactful than your work. This is a very  rewarding, powerful and long-lasting program."

~Jerry LoPorto, GIA Personnel Manager
Digital Equipment Corporation

"I approached this intervention with apprehension.  Driven high achievers, aggressively pursuing individual goals in a fast-pace environment  do not naturally create teamwork. But after our experience in this Team Development and  Strategic Planning Program, I see people working just as hard as before, but now there is trust, mutual support, openness and sensitivity to each  other. It is a different place."

~Jean Scott, Director of Corporate Training  Services
Taco Bell

"The team is always reflecting back to our days we  spent with you in the wild. It has helped us through many rough  times. We are not really a team until we come out and spend time with First  Ascents in the wilderness."

~Jerry Tomlinson, Head Gymnastics Coach


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